Twitter inc stocks fell almost 7 percent on monday after the employer said it turned into investigating uncommon site visitors that is probably from nation-backed hackers and, in what appeared to be an unrelated difficulty, a security company stated hackers used the platform to try to steal person facts.

Twitter stated in a blog that it observed suspicious visitors to a patron-assist forum even as investigating a protection computer virus that exposed statistics, which includes customers’ phone country codes and details on locked money owed. It stated the bug turned into fixed nov. 16.

Twitter discovered a big quantity of site visitors to the customer support website coming from individual net ip addresses in china and saudi arabia.

“at the same time as we can not verify cause or attribution for sure, it’s miles possible that some of these ip addresses may have ties to state-sponsored actors,” the weblog said.

“we retain to err at the side of complete transparency on this location and feature up to date law enforcement on our findings,” it stated.

A enterprise spokesman declined to elaborate as twitter shares published their biggest drop in extra than two months.

The chinese authorities constantly denies any involvement in hacking or other kinds of net attacks and says that it’s miles dedicated to cracking down on such behavior.